Eagles Offered 1st & 2nd For Jalen Ramsey


The talk of the week was an anonymous source (Alshon Jeffery), talking to Josina Anderson about the Eagles disappointment that they didn’t try harder to go after Jalen Ramsey. Adam Schefter reported this morning that the Eagles offered a 1st and 2nd rounder, but were ultimately outbid by the Los Angeles Rams who offered up two 1st rounders and a 4th. The Jaguars even went back to the Eagles and gave them a chance to match the Rams offer which the Birds declined doing. Which begs to ask the question why didn’t the Eagles offer more?

Howie Roseman as a GM has been a salary cap wizard. He has the best accounting people in the world working for him. It feels like they find money out of thin air. But when it comes to drafting the Eagles have been less than superb. The last two drafts the Eagles made a 1st and 4th round selection they picked Andre Dillard, Shareef Miller, Derek Barnett, and Mack Hollins. I never understood coveting draft picks over legit tape you have on a player who consistently shines at their position in the NFL. Even if Howie didn’t want to give up two 1st rounders is it crazy to think a 1st, a 4th, and Zach Ertz wouldn’t have gotten this deal done? Ertz is under contract until 2022 when he’ll be a UFA. You drafted Dallas Goedert who the Eagles are hoping will be the heir apparent to Ertz and has had a pretty good season minus a couple drops.

Schefter also goes deeper into the story that the Eagles are excited to get back four CB’s over the next couple of weeks, which seemed like a reason the Eagles didn’t counter. I don’t know what film Howie has been watching, but Jalen Mills, Ronald Darby, Cre’von LeBlanc, and Avonte Maddox doesn’t really get me hard. Avonte Maddox and Ronald Darby continue to get burnt every weekend. Jalen Mills has a tough time staying healthy. And I think I’ve only seen Frenchy LeBlanc play one game ever. None of these guys can hold Jalen Ramsey’s jock. You still get him next year to make one last run at the Super Bowl. Many are chiding the Rams because their salary cap will be a nightmare, but they messed up on the Jared Goff contract and it looks like the Todd Gurley contract isn’t going to pay off either. At least they know they probably have a two year window to win a Super Bowl before they need to castrate the whole team. I wish Howie would realize that the NFL is constantly changing and this team probably has 2-3 years before contracts upend and we’re selling parts. We penciled in the Seattle Seahawks and Legion of Boom for three Super Bowls and that defense got old very quick. I’m ok going all in. I know the draft is important, but it’s a crap shoot. I need Howie to start pulling the trigger on these moves.

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