Devonta Freeman Has To Murder Aaron Donald In Cold Blood After He Carried Him Like A Toddler


Cold blood murder. That’s the only way. I mean there is no other way to come back from being emasculated like this. The only way I will ever respect Devonta Freeman ever again. You want to carry me around like a loaf of bread? Pop. Pop. There’s two shots to the knee. Once he’s on Devonta Freeman’s level he unfortunately has to pull a TI on him from Takers.

Those are the rules.

And Devonta don’t swing your legs! That makes it look 100x worse than a man just picking you up from your jersey to escort you out of the club. I don’t even blame Devonta for trying to get off as much punches as possible even though Aaron Donald is wearing tactical Nike gear and he won’t feel a thing. Once you feel that kind of humiliation you do whatever you can to get back your rep. Aaron Donald looked like Joel Embiid carrying Kevin Hart

If 1-6 wasn’t enough I think we can finally cancel the rest of the Falcon’s season and Dan Quinn’s tenure as head coach. If he makes it to next week I’ll be shocked if the ghost of Arthur Blank doesn’t whack him like he did Mike Smith.

arthur blank.jpg

How the fuck did the Eagles lose to this team? The Falcons defense hasn’t registered a sack in 266 plays! It’s been a month!

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