America Vs China Round 252 (esports)

Everyone is aware about the situation in Hong Kong and we’ve all seen that the NBA is okay with human rights violations as long as their bottom dollar isn’t affected. I’m sure most of you have seen the game developer Blizzard punishing players who speak out about the injustices that are going on in Hong Kong.

If you want more details about how poorly Blizzard is handling this just read Slashers twitter from the past week.

I have discovered the one chance America has to make all of this right. America’s savior some might say. NAs last hope.

Team Liquid will play the defending World Champions later today in the final elimination game of Worlds 2019. TL beat IG at MSI earlier this year after IG called them out but Invictus got their revenge at the start of Worlds besting Liquid in game 2.

This is Rocky Vs The Russian. This is the Miracle On Ice. This is Captain America showing up with 5,000 superhero’s to kick Thanos ass.

Jensen promised Doublelift when he signed with TL he would get them out of groups. North Americas back to back to back to back champions take on the big bad defending World Champs in the most important league game the western world has ever seen.

They aren’t just North America’s last hope, they’re the worlds ONLY hope.


Fractured Image.

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