I Would Go Off For 13 Catches And 210 Yards Against This 12 Year Old Girl Cornerback Getting Bullied For Playing Football

Does this Middle School team not make cuts? Or is there an ‘everyone plays at least 10 plays’ rule? Because this 12 year old girl is a liability at Corner. Her own coach called it out in the first 5 seconds of the video! The poor safety has to play out of position every down she’s in because he has to spy her assignment. She can’t even master a simple Cover 2. You make one cut her legs become jello and maroon is off for 6 to the house again.

I would go off for 13 catches for 210 yards in the first half against this girl. And Mom I don’t think your daughter gets called a dyke because she plays football. She gets made fun of for being absolutely horrible while playing football. Was she not allowed in the Boys Locker Room to watch game film? That has to be the only excuse why 1 makes a head fake and she’s biting like Sidney Jones last week against the Vikings. Maybe a little less going to the papers to tell your sob story, and more DB drills in the backyard. Mix in some ladder drills for the quick feet and some bump and run drills so she can learn to deliver any sort of contact.

Live look at this girl on picture day.

Screen Shot 2019-10-18 at 8.21.46 PM.png

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