Travis Scott Dislocates Knee Onstage At Rolling Loud, Gets Up and Keeps Raging Anyway

A recent internet trend (that’s not white kids throwing gang signs on Tik Tok) is videos of insanity at Travis Scott shows. Travis’s performances have appeared on YouTube, creating a phenomenon of chaos infused video content for the rapper. Watching Travis Scott concerts on YouTube at the gym is like taking preworkout that’s lined with cocaine after you’ve already snorted the Shark Tank version of cocaine. They are fucking insane, it’ll give you the craziest pump of your life (yes, I used the word pump that means I lift weights, thank you for noticing).
Unfortunately, for those who watched his most recent performance at Rolling Loud in New York, you may have noticed the rage fest went awry.

It does not get more Travis Scott then, “Not gonna lie I think I just broke my knee just now. But this show cannot stop. So, middle fingers to the sky. Let’s rage”
*Plays No Bystanders*
It’s now being reported by TMZ that Travis Scott dislocated his knee during that fall and also has some patella tendon damage. His leaning towards surgery (so he can play basketball effectively). Pretty amazing that he was able to finish out the set with that extent of damage.
This was the most magnificent case of performing with an injury since Byron Leftwich broke his leg and his offensive line had to carry him down the field at Marshall. Oh, and for our Boston bloggers, don’t even bring up Paul Pierce being “injured” in the NBA Finals and then coming back on the court. We’re not applauding a guy for nearly pooping in his pants.
Not sure what the craziest part of this Rolling Loud performance was: Travis preforming on one leg OR the stage crew finding a throne for Travis to sit on because he was performing on one leg. Where do you find a throne on short notice?!
Personal story: my dad has this same knee dislocation injury while playing football in the backyard (didn’t finish performing like Travis did, very questionable). I told him about this similarity and this was his perfect “Dad” response –
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