The Madden Curse Stays Undefeated. Pat Mahomes’ Knee Popped Like Bubble Wrap Tonight.

Oh boy. The Chiefs year just look like it took a turn for the worse. Did you see that knee pop in? I’m sorry I didn’t give you a warning, but if I had to witness it then everyone had to! Those the rules. It can’t be good that he was ruled out for the game before they even had time to dust off the MRI machine.

Supposedly since it was popped back in that shows it isn’t ligament damage which is good in this case. Players have come back from a dislocated knee.

This guy did and he’s 4-0 this season!


How about Andy Reid running his already injured QB, the catalyst to the Chiefs Super Bowl dreams, and last season’s MVP up the middle on a 4th & 1?! You can’t make this shit up! If it’s not clock management issues it’s Dee Ford lining up offsides against the Patriots to have a game sealing interception called back. And now this Mahomes injury that may end his season.

Are we sure Andy Reid doesn’t have some bad juju consistently surrounding him? Did he eat some magician’s 20oz Porterhouse mistakenly in Hawaii on vacation and get cursed forever?

And wtf, was this guy going to follow Mahomes into the locker room? How was he able to walk this far down the tunnel. I feel like someone needs to be fired on the Chiefs PR staff.

Not to make this all about me, but @Cheifs I know a guy who I can hold a clipboard!

P.S. Shoutout to the annual ‘Oh, Matt Moore is still in the NFL?’ game.

P.P.S. Is the Madden Curse still hot in the streets? Do the kids even appreciate the Madden Curse nowadays. That was the only thing that was undefeated in my childhood days

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