Spot The Line Episode 2- Become A Zillionaire


Episode two of Branded Sports gambling show is here to win you some money! We are back and so is that ugly little watermark, I got a new video editing software but for some reason it wouldn’t let me do anything with this clip. We’ll figure it out.

The guys discuss several games including KC vs Den, Hou vs Ind, Sea vs Bal and a few more. The guys also recap their picks from last week. Including Eddie picking the Steelers money line vs the Chargers and the matchup of the century, on our first episode we had a lock off! Gambling Dan had the Jags and Eddie took the Saints, we know how that turned out.

Make sure you follow the guys and their picks. Comeback next week so they can put your kids through college.

PS Not sure why the thumbnail is this little gray thing but the video is there give it a try.

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