Relive One Of The Greatest Moments In College Football History


One thing you may not know about CEO Joe is that I am a huge Michigan State guy. Big time. Seeing Connor Cook get taken second in the XFL draft was a great moment for all us Sparty fans. The guy never got a fair shake in the NFL and I believe that whole heartily.

Buy we’re not talking about that, no were talking about one of the greatest moments in college football history that is four years old today. Michigan vs Michigan State and the wolverines had this game pretty much locked up. 10 seconds to go, 4th and 2, on MSU’s 47. All they have to do is punt and Michigan would have forced State into a hail Mary situation. But what looked like a cruise to the finish line play, ended up being an iconic moment in this rivalry’s history.

Feels my heart with joy every time I see that dope throw his heads on his head or Jim looking up at the scoreboard in pure disbelief. Inject it in my veins, eyeballs and soul. Even the announcer was s shocked he sounded like he went through puberty. I was actually in Italy (humble brag) the day this game took place. With the time difference, when this play happened it was 2 am in Italy. My father in-law was texting me updates while I was at the bar. In back to back texts he said:

“10 seconds left, Michigan punting. It’s all over”

“Holy shit they blocked, it scored and won!”

Those texts were 6 seconds apart and I assumed he was just messing with me. Nope, Michigan really did blow it. A real, you’ve never forget where you were, moment for me. U of M goes into Happy Valley saturday and I hope they get their hearts broken again.

Go Green.

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