Kylie Jenner Is About To Break Records With Her Hit Rendition Of Rise And Shine

Whatever Taylor Swift’s last album did, Kylie Jenner is about to double with this 5 second clip of her singing Rise and Shine to her daughter Stormi.

The internet is ablaze with Kylie Jenner rise and shine content, at least in the circles I roll in online. At this point Kyle Jenner’s nose hairs would sell for $3 million so if there is any opportunity at all for Kris Jenner to step in and monetize this, she will. We’re going to be getting some Rise and Shine phone cases and a Kylie Cosmetics x Rise and Shine collection any minute now. A Paris Hilton Stars Are Blind moment.

I have no idea where this clip is from or what content she is trying to give but even I found myself trying to harmonize with Kylie on the 18th time watching the video. Then Ariana Grande covered Kylie’s cover.

People have started setting their alarm clocks to the soothing sounds of a billionaire 22 year old.

Adele may have all the Grammys, Beyonce all the records, but now Kylie Jenner is about to have both. And would you look at who currently has the #1 song in the country….not for long.


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