Joe Girardi Now The Favorite To Land The Phillies Job

SNNY: “Joe GirardiBuck Showalter, and Dusty Baker will all have second interviews with the Phillies for their manager job, reports Matt Breen of the Philadelphia Inquirer

Girardi’s interview with the Mets has already taken place, reports SNY’s Andy Martino. 

Breen — who reports that Girardi and Showalter are viewed as the favorites — added that the three above candidates are believed to be the only candidates for the Phillies job, with the process expected to wrap up on Monday and a resolution expected soon after.”

Please please please please please bring Joe Girardi to the Philadelphia Phillies. Olive oil >>>>>> coconut oil. Is that going to be a shirt? Might have to get DSN Tree all over that the second he signs. All jokes aside Joe is the man for the job. He has experience at the World Series level and will be able to demand the respect of the players in that locker room. If Philadelphia brings in Dusty Baker I will never forgive them. That is a pure nightmare scenario.

Update: Could it happen today?

Featured Image: Daily Herald

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