Comedian Joe Conklin Wrote A Song About Sidney Jones And It’s Perfect

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Go. Off. King. Are ringtones still a thing? If so I will be downloading Sidney Jones and putting it on my phone tonight. From Conklin’s mouth to God’s ears. Sidney Jones stinks out loud. Going into a game preparing to root for him is basically the same thing as riding a unicycle to work on the highway. I mean it could in theory get the job done but most likely just going to result in you getting absolutely destroyed. Jones is completely useless at this point. Top 10 talent coming out of the draft that you took a chance on in the second round. Made sense at the time but now we need to cut our loses. If you tried to throw him a surprise party you couldn’t because he’s so bad he can’t even cover his own eyes.

Byron Maxwell 2.0. Move on and get some real talent in this locker room. Feel like there was an all WORLD cornerback out there ripe for the trading. Weird.

PS. Joe Conklin is hilarious. Here’s a link to his site. Buy tickets to his show and I promise, you won’t b disappointed.

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