Baseball Player Ejected by Robot Umpire [Video included]


As baseball fans we know how frustrating the strike zone is. And no matter what team we root for, the ump is always wrong! He is either screwing your pitchers or your batters.

Well, what do we do about it? I am all for keeping it how it is. I am old school and I love the “human element” to the game. I honestly hate the thought of an automated strike zone.

However… The technology is here and it is being tested out. And in the Arizona Fall League they have been using “Robot Umpires” for the games played at Salt River Field.

Well… A player named Jacob Hayward who is part of the San Francisco Giants Organization was not happy with a call from the “Robot Umpire” when he was punched out on a strike call.

He argued the call and was ejected from the game… By the “Robot Umpire.”

Ok, how do you see why I have been Outing Robot Umpire in quotes? When I first saw the video I was so pissed. I wanted to see the god damn Terminator or at least R2D2 behind home plate…

Nope. That’s just a dude.

Apparently the system is run by a computer and the ump has an ear piece in and the computer tells him ball or strike and he relays the message.

How much does that suck to be that guy? I mean why even be there at that point? Not only is the computer taking your job but it’s making you be the message boy too??

I don’t want to hear the phrase “Robot Umpire” one more damn time unless there is a droid from Star Wars behind home plate calling the game.

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