You Scare This Kid Get Ready To Catch Some Hands

Charlie went to the hammer fists without thinking twice. Like Chuck Liddell when the bell rings. Just cracking open an entire case of whoop ass on that spider. This kid can play on my team any day. That happens to me, a grown man 30 years of age, I’m hitting the fucking ceiling. Jumping straight out of my shoes with a blood curtailing scream that could be heard from the heavens.

Now I might kick it but it would be a defensive, falling backwards while I kick frantically in a sad attempt to save my life. If you think I’m going to look it right in it’s eight gross eyes and put my bare hands on it, you are sadly mistaken. Charlie is a much braver man than I am. Charlie is going to be a future Marine or a the very least the next Bear Grylls.

Anyway, I got soup for lunch that’s still a little too hot for my dainty lips so I have to go cool that down a bit. Have a great day and head on a swivel out there.

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