XFL Day 1 Recap: No Call, No Worries

We’re about halfway through the XFL draft, yes only halfway through, there’s 70 rounds. It started with QBs getting assigned to each team. The unofficial #1 pick was QB Landry Jones who was announced almost a month ago. There was guy’s like Cardale Jones and Aaron Murray who made you think, “He was awesome in college! How isn’t he still in the NFL?”

“Hey, we know you didn’t succeed in the NFL because people questioned your work ethic, but do you mind posing for a couple of shots of you getting reps for Twitter?”

Then there was some how the hell is he still playing a la Matt McGloin who may be older than Tom Brady.

Next, came the skill position players in what they called Phase 1. Everyone zigged while Marc Trestman, coach for the Tampa Bay Vipers, zagged drafting a Tight End with a top-5 pick.

June Jones, the old Hawaii coach from the good ol’ days of Colt Brennan and Tommie Chung, drafted a QB with the 2nd overall pick like this was your fathers fantasy football in the 90s when two QB leagues were hot. I can’t wait for the packages June is going to come up with PJ Walker and Connor Cook. If he doesn’t draft Colt Brennan I’m quitting the XFL before it even starts. Other notable picks was Christine Michael who was the former Seattle Seahawks running back and was on everyone’s fantasy team at one point as the biggest sleeper waiver add ever.

Someone drafted a guy who they found in the back of a T-Mobile breakroom.

Other notable picks were former Steelers receiver Sammie Coates, Auburn RB Cameron Artis-Payne, Eagles RB Donnell Pumphrey, and Boston College RB Andre Williams. Basically everyone you took too high in your fantasy football draft their rookie year because you were trying to outsmart your friends.

Next, we had Phase 2 which started at 1pm and this was for rounds 10-20. This phase featured the Big Uglies, the offensive lineman, and it was an absolute snoooooozefesssst. I appreciate the guys who do the dirty work, but no one signed up to watch 10 rounds of Nebraska and Wisconsin third string lineman getting drafted.

All I know is those big OL’s should be worried about my fire off the ball. That tree trunk is way more of a match than any of them are.

Phase 3 started at 4pm and it was for players who would be playing the front 7. Phase 3 came and went and so far my number hasn’t been called, but we have 40 more rounds to go and scouts have me projected anywhere from the 58th to 70th round so I haven’t lost any hope. Day 2 is an open player draft format and I have to be on the whoever the XFL analyst who has a “Best Available” board. As the great June Jones said, “You earn your money on Day 2 in the Open Draft…finding the diamonds in the rough.”

No pressure. No diamonds.



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