The XFL Released Their Starting 8 Quarterbacks…..Here’s Who You Should Root For

Who am I most excited to see here? This is an absolute no brainer.

Matt McGloin, no way. Penn State greatish but not interested in seeing a ginger sling it. Call it what it is. Phillip Walker and Brandon Silvers, I don’t even know. You also have Luis Perez who after some quick googling I found out he was on the Eagles for a month. Not great if I don’t know you and you play for my pro team. Not great at all Luis. Jordan Ta’Amu was electric in college and finished behind only Tua in a lot of categories during his best season. But still nope, not the most anticipated guy on this list.

The Jones’ two big name guys. Cardale Jones many believe was going to be in the NFL and stay in the NFL. Didn’t happen for him, I think because he’s fat but I can’t be 100% sure. Landry Jones is the only 30+ guy on the list so you have to root for the come back story I guess. Played for the Steelers and honestly could probably make the Steeler again.

But there is only one guy here to truly be excited about and that is my boy Aaron Murray. The guy is the perfect quarterback for the NFL. Has enough talent to be good at this level, so he’ll be interesting enough to root for. He also has star power which everyone else here lacks. His brother was a contestant on the bachelor. I’m not sure if I remember correctly but I feel like people hated him too. Always good to have family issues, ie another great quarterback named Aaron. And of course, who can forget the OG power couple. Aaron Murray and Kacie McDonnell.

Image result for aaron murray and kacie mcdonnell

I mean look at these two. This is the all-american dream am I right? So good luck Aaron, I’ll be rooting for you, might even get myself an Aaron Murray Georgia throwback.

Featured Image: The Ringer

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