Power Ranking the worst Sports Commentators

As you all know I am a sports junky. Saturday night there were way too many good games on to have just one or even two TV’s going in my basement.

I will literally watch everything from football to curling if it’s on. And with this I listen to a variety of sports commentators. It had me think… I need to have a running Power Rankings of the worst of the worst.Why not rank the best? Well because that’s just not fun is it? So each week going forward I will present to you (in order) my top five worst commentators and why.

I want this to be interactive, so if you agree/disagree or have some suggestions… Let me know.

First Edition of the Top 5 Worst Commentators:

5. Ronde Barber (NFL on Fox)

Image – Roanoke Times

Loved this guy as a player, Especially when he crushed the dreams of every Eagles fan in the NFC Championship Game. But the guy can’t talk. He’s gotta stick to making children’s books with his twin Tiki. I feel like he uses the same 4 catch phrases and “Everyone is great.” The MUTE button is always on if it’s a Ronde Fox Game.

4. NFL Network London Crew

Image – Inquirer

Toooooo much… Toooo much!! Listen, I love these guys in the studio on NFL Network, but out all of them in a booth together and it’s liquid shit being poured in my ears. Micheal Irvin was one of my favorite players on the field but having him screaming over guys while Rich Eisen is trying to make jokes is terrible. These games are usually on at 9AM, so we are still asleep, and chances are still hungover… Dial it down a notch.

3. Booger McFarland (ESPN MNF)

Image – si.com

I get it, Witten was bad. He was terrible. But listening to Booger even more this year makes me… Kinda miss Witt. Booger just talks in circles and never makes sense. He tries to be like “Romo The Predictor” but 99.7% of the time he’s wrong. “Oh this is a run play…” The it’s a 27 yard touchdown throw. ESPN if you want to make this entertaining again, put him back on the booger mobile and put it on the field behind the line of scrimmage, let’s see what happens.

2. Doug Flutie (NBC College Football)

Image – Monsters & Critics

I honestly can’t take it anymore. I used to love NBC Irish games, and now it’s just awful. Mike Torico is great but Negative Nancy Flutie is just flat out bad. He has a bad voice for TV, he hates the team he’s calling the game for, he thinks he’s smarter than everyone and he needs to go. They need to take Chris Simms from the pre/halftime/postgame show and move him up into the booth and get this Napoleon Syndrom man out of my booth.

1. Charles Davis (NFL on FOX)

Image – Red Beat

It is Tuesday and I think Charles Davis is still talking about the Eagles/Vikings game Sunday. He never shuts up. He just talks and talks and talks… About nonsense, to hear himself talk. As Christopher “Maddog” Russo would say… LET THE GAME BREATHE. I found myself not enjoying the Eagles lose as much, because I was so annoyed at his broadcast. I was actually talking/yelling at the TV for him to stop talking. I always knew I didn’t like him as a commentator, but this past Sunday easily secured his top spot.

I can hear it already…. No Buck? No Collinsworth? Nope. I rather enjoy Joe Buck, especially now during Playoff Baseball, but I know I will get a ton of shit for that… Oh well, my list is 1000% right… Those dudes above suck.


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