Torrey Smith Went Off On A PA Youth Football Division Mercy Rule


While we’re building weak children, Jeff Bezos is building the next arm of super robots that can run, jump, and kill. We’re going to need kids who lost 36-0 and came back hungry the next game to fight our future overlords as we’re shitting our pants in a nursing home.

If I was this coach facing the $500 fine I would come back after my two game suspension and then light the next team up 50-0. And then light the next team up 50-0 the next game. Is this youth league really going to collect this fine? It’s like a fine from the Philly Parking Authority, you don’t have to pay that. What are they going to do stop these kids from going to Florida for the Pop Warner playoffs? There’s someone out there who’s going to hear this story and the coach is going to have a Go Fund Me set up for him with $100k in it by Friday.

This is the problem with youth sports nowadays. Every one needs to feel nice and happy in their lives at all parts of their lives. The coach ran a 4.4 40 down the sidelines trying to stop his 2nd string RB from scoring. Taking a moment from this kid who hasn’t experienced what a rushing touchdown feels like. God forbid these kids get their asses handed to them. And if one kid on the squad quits because they got embarrassed good. He’s going to be a nobody because he’s going to face way tougher aversion in his life than Pop Warner football. I remember in high school St. Joes Prep took it to us in basketball 72-18. You know how hard it is to score only 18 points in 32 minutes of basketball? We didn’t quit. Nope our coaches ran our asses the whole season as we went 4-18 my Senior year. And look at me now! Cube monkey who has no idea what the future holds. You could say I panned out somewhat.

11% of people in this poll should be launched to outer space.

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