Scouts Are Saying I’ve Climbed Up The Draft Boards With The Release Of My XFL Tryout Video

As I’m sure everyone knows the XFL is holding their 70 round draft tomorrow and Wednesday. My invite must’ve gotten lost in the mail, but I decided to give the XFL execs one last taste of what I can bring to the table. I’ll be waiting by my phone over the next couple of days for a call.

If all else fails and my phone doesn’t ring by Wednesday I know I would be a dynamite consultant for them to get some eyeballs and not face the same fate of the AAF. That idea with The Freeze is money waiting to be made. And if the “Fans Bring Their Own Weapons” game is instituted you gotta believe no one is beating the Tampa Bay Vipers or Dallas Renegades. The level of weaponry would be boundless.

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