Is LeBron James Pro-Communist?


Pot meet kettle

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Welp we all just found out who can beat the NBA. It’s China. And they used their most popular athlete to wave the white flag. The NBA had a chance to tell China to go fuck themselves and decide to build their fan base in India or somewhere else to reciprocate the money the Chinese bring in yearly. Once pockets are being affected and apparel sales are in trouble the NBA is like any other company in America. Don’t upset China, instead rollover and let them rub your belly.

Commy-Bron here just unleashed the literal dumbest quote of this whole debacle with China & the NBA. Just a Kid from Beijing throwing Daryl Morey under the bus because his pockets were in danger of losing money and Morey was ‘only thinking about himself’. Crazy LeBron can sit there and form that sentence when he’s literally built a career decimating teams by making the owner fire coaches, give friends JR Smith, Tristan Thompson, and Dwyane Wade contracts that made zero sense, and then leave the team in the offseason forcing them to have no chance of a rebuild. Adam Silver’s mouthpiece saying Morey was “misinformed” about the situation when he tweeted support for Hong Kong is actually downright scary. Something tells me Bron isn’t fluent on Chinese diplomatic policy. It’s really easy to Google whats going on. Read two articles. And have a brain to decide that a government who gave a country independence now basically wants to take it away is wrong in this situation.

You can’t pick and choose when you want to speak out against injustices because they work for you. I’m not trying to compare NBA Collective Bargaining talks to the HK/China dispute, but the NBA players bitched about a 47/53% split in revenue and reduced the 2011 season to 62 games costing a bunch of people money and harboring the economy in major cities that had basketball teams. That doesn’t hold a candle to what’s happening in China, but you didn’t worry about the financial impact then because your contracts were still honored.

Do we think LeBron bows to the portrait of Mao Zedong above his bed each night? Or he was probably promised a Taco Tuesday trademark in China if he came out in protest of Daryl.

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