FS1 Can go to hell!

So, if you love baseball Sunday night’s ALCS game is Houston was for you… And, if you are like me you were hanging on every single god damn pitch.

It had another great playoff performance by Justin Verlander. It had a 2 run Judge homerun to stun the Astros crowd and give the Yanks the lead. It had one of the most mammoth homeruns I’ve ever seen from Springer. It had about 1278 pitching changes. And, drama on top of drama.

Image – USA Today

And… What else did it have? Free baseball. Extra innings. If you think I was hanging on pitches innings 1-9 how do you think me and every Yanks/Astros fans were feeling once we hit the 10th, and then 11th?

Then… It happened. Or did it? Because it happened so freakin fast we basically all missed it.

The game was heading to the bottom of the 11th. It is just about 1AM on the East Coast and the broadcast was in commercial break.


BOOM, out of no where the game was back and Correa’s homerun is basically already out of the park and I had no idea what had happened. Was that a replay of 2017 when he beat the Yanks in Game 2?

Nope it was live. With no warning. I get it that it was the first pitch of the at bat but come on FS1… TV controls everything and you couldn’t time your commercials better?

Not even a stupid welcome back to Houston from Joe Buck? A… “The clock just struck midnight here in Houston… Here’s Correa.” BANG…?

Nope. It was basically like mid-Huggies Commercial to Carlos Correa rounding the bases ripping his jersey off. It was like getting a shot and they countdown from 5 and stick you with the needle on 4.

Image – si.com


Talk about adding insult to injury. I felt like that game had gone on for four days. I needed to shave at the end of it, I looked like Tom Hanks in Castaway it was so long, and I was so invested. Then the kid from the Simpsons popped out said..


Gif – Giphy

And, the game was over.

Be better FS1.

Go Yanks.


Feature image – Houston Chronicle

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