Fortnite Freakout! (Is the game gone? Will it come back? New map preview.)

I have played Fortnite exactly one time. And, it was with my former 8th grade lacrosse team. The game consumes kids and adults alike. Last season coaching my lax team I had to impose a sprints rule at practice if I heard any Fortnite talk because it was getting so bad.

So, yesterday when I heard that Fortnite had “gone dark” I couldn’t stop laughing. I imagined grown ass adults screaming at their TV’s. I imagined kids without school on Monday losing their minds because they couldn’t play all day. (GO. OUT. SIDE.)

Naturally… I went to Twitter and of course people have been and are continuing to lose their minds.


How about this everyone… Go outside and breathe some fresh air. Go say hello to someone. Call your parents. Go for a walk. Make a nice sandwich for lunch. Take a shower. Clean the house. Read a book. Watch sports center. Learn Italian. Pet a dog (not a cat.)

Just go enjoy the day and sometime soon your stupid game will come back.

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