Guy Threatens To Beat Up Dave Portnoy And Deke Zucker. Be A Shame If All He’s Racist Tweets Got Dug Up

So here’s what happened. Guy worked over at Barstool, he got fired for being super bad at his job, his buddy took to twitter threatening to beat the shit out of people. Classic story.

Dave and the Barstool radio crew talked about this tweet on the show yesterday and everyone had a great laugh. Jogging through Reddit today saw his twitter handle, popped over and it turns out tough guy Addy is doubling down.

First off, going with “my boy” is an interesting look. Just comes off cringey. Secondly when you’re going to attack people online rule #1 is make sure you are completely in order. Can’t have random tweets hanging around of you saying things like the N word or calling people the F word all over the place. Just a tough tough look.

Now to each there own. Some people don’t think it’s a big deal to drop N bombs all over the place, totally their call. I think if you’re quoting a rap lyric you can kinda get away with it depending. Maybe Big Ad dog has a good reason for having the right to use racial slurs on the internet.

Oh….ummmmm……well…that’s something

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