The Golden Girls Played 5 on 5 At Halftime Of The Thunder Game


Holy shit someone get Eleanor a sponsorship with Activia! Did you see that behind the back pass? Someone’s been watching White Chocolate Youtube videos on their dial-up connection! How about Karen taking what the defense gave her and then handing it off to Eleanor when help came? You don’t see that kind of craftsmanship unless you’re really watching film between Matlock and Wheel of Fortune. We won’t talk about Eleanor bricking the easy layup because she probably skipped the Thursday on the 7 day weekly pill box she was prescribed.

I need more respect from the Tom Petty lookalike who hit the elbow jumper. I could barely slide a piece of loose leaf under those shoes. And her opponents high-fiving her after she hit one right in their faces? Despicable. On the other side of the court I loved the hoss starting the play and then doing absolutely nothing. What a V-Cut by Ethel digging her solar plexus into the her defender on the block and posting up. To bad she didn’t know she was meeting Bill Laimbeer in the post and couldn’t finish. I’m glad Grand View Senior Citizens Community was able to show out for the masses tonight.

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