Philly Pheud: Branded Sports Vs Crossing Broad

Philly Pheud is making its return and Branded will be squaring off against the crew over at Crossing Broad. Next Wednesday, October 16th at 7:30 pm, we will be taping at Harrah’s Casino in Chester.

Clear your calendar, leave your dog a bowl of food, and come on down to cheer on both squads. Hosted by the most famous man in sports talk, Mike Missanelli, we’ll be answering questions about everything Philadelphia. Can’t make the taping? The episode will be airing Saturday night on NBC Sports Philly. But seriously, come out and hang. Nothing like being there in person.

For preparation, I will be waking up at 4 am, eating 7 raw eggs, throwing on my best grey sweatsuit and running the art museum steps. Full disclosure – I’m expecting we get dragged next week. I’m bringing Jay with me, he’s got brand new dad brain. Aidan who I actually had to ask if he was 21 yet (he’s 24 FYI, had no clue.) And of course Kmess, whose Cowboys, Yankees and Notre Dame knowledge should be a real help for us.

Also, my thought process is, if I say we’re going to get dragged, and then we win, we look like the underdog story. If I had to put odds on this, I’d go Crossing Broad -250, Branded +200. Lot of value with Branded, but always the wildcard chance all four of us show up drunk.

Come on out, support two awesome Philly sites, and if I catch you wearing a Branded shirt from our guys at DSGN Tree, I’ll most likely buy you a beer. See, these aren’t just shirts, they’re investments.

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