Nats Ditch Bryce Harper And Win Their First Playoff Series Ever. Coincidence?

What a wonderful night. I get to enjoy my two favorite things in the entire world, LA sports in shambles and pissing off Philly fans.

First I want to send my condolences to my fellow Branded blogger and friend Ronnie. A die hard Dodgers fan who just watched his favorite team, who happens to be 50 games over .500 and at home, lose to an inferior team that has literally never done this before. As a friend obviously I checked in on him.

Ronnie hasn’t answered yet but I’m sure he will appreciate my good will and thank me. Well, you’re welcome Ronnie. You’ll get em next year champ (probably not though).

Philly guys I only brought you guys up for clicks. The more I think about it though… hmm I’m not sure. Let’s talk it out. So, you sign a player who only hit above .300 twice and was coming off a season batting in the mid .240s to a 300 million dollar contract. He hits .260 which is not only his third worst batting average ever but well below his career average and to top it all off your division rival, who happens to be his old team, win their first playoff series the same year they let him walk. Weird.

Well, at least you can rely on your front office to put a good team together next year. I mean you already have a great manager, right? I’m sure it’ll work out.


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