Put Me In The New Rage Room With The Flyers Front Office



The Flyers introduced their ‘Rage Room’ with ESPN show pony, Katie Nolan, inside of the Wells Fargo Center further admitting that they are an incompetent franchise whose fans deserve more.

I don’t need to tell you about the Stanley Cup drought the Flyers are experiencing. Instead we need to focus on how embarrassing this is for a franchise who has one of the most passionate fan bases in sports. Personally, I think all Flyers fans are sheep. You consistently allow this team to piss on your leg and tell you it’s raining. They have to be the only team to ever fire their General Manager and then give that same GM a promotion to team President and senior advisor (Holmgren). If you had a cup of coffee with the Flyers you automatically get a front office role once you retire. This team consistently drags it’s fanbase through a season of constant ups and downs only to rip their hearts out in the last week of the regular season or in the first round of the playoffs against hated rivals. How about instead of bottom dollar electronics they held over from their renovation you put us in there with Flyers employees. Let me take a baseball bat or hockey stick to Paul Holmgren or Dave Scott for wasting Giroux and Hextall’s tenure. I have some built up rage from early 2000 Eagles seasons.

Claude Giroux should’ve been shipped out years ago and a rebuild should’ve been undertaken as well. The only significant win the Flyers have had in the last couple of years is Gritty. That bought the team a couple more years with the fanbase. The fact that you felt the need to create a room that fans could let their rage out in because of the consistency of inconsistency of your team is bananas!

Look at this copy from a CBS3 article

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Picture this: The Flyers are going through a February slump. The orange and black just inexplicably lost a 5-1 home game to the New York Islanders.

Yea I can vividly fucking imagine that because it happens around that time every. single. year.

For $35 too?! I mean buy me a drink before you fuck me! It’s already terrible I have to pay $40 for parking, $15 for a beer, and $12 for some mystery meat hot dog. The rage room should come included.

For free we can just take it out on the opposing team and jump in the Penalty Box like Delco’s finest did with Ty Domi.  God I miss old school hockey!


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