Wizards Beat Writer Apologized On Twitter For Tweeting About The Wizards…Wait What?


I mean…..come on people, we’re really upset about this? That tweet was so clearly not a shot at the Mystics. The guy is a beat writer for the Wizards. He has he’s own Wizards podcast called ‘Wizards After Dark’ which is laugh out loud funny. Fred never took a second and thought “is the title ‘wizards after dark’ going to just sound like some homoerotic sex chat about two Gandalfs fucking each other?” That’s where the real apology lies. How dare he put that image of two old grey bearded men throwing their potions on each other all willy nilly like.

But seriously, can we all as people just start giving everyone the benefit of the doubt? Look at this face.


Now you tell me, does that look like the face of a sexiest pig? No, that is the face of a man that just really loves Washington Wizards’ basketball. The guy was excited that they were back in action. Instead of trying to carefully measure what each individual person was going to think, he went caps lock excitement mode. Let Fred be, he isn’t trying to offend anyone. He’s just trying to see some mediocre basketball and an eventual playoff let down.

PS Go Mystics, bring home that title for Fred

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