Where Were You When Ben Simmons Hit His First 3 Ever?

Me? I remember like it was 20 minutes ago! I was on the couch. Not even watching the game. My girlfriend’s binging ‘Couples Therapy’ on Showtime, it’s not that bad, one guys a sex addict, someone’s transitioning, and another guy looks like he got drug to therapy and there just happened to be cameras there. So I like to spend time with her by scrolling Twitter and half paying attention.

Well now all hell broke loose! The NBA has been flipped on its head! Ben Simmons shooting 3s?!! He’s 100% from the field this season! He may never miss another 3 pointer again. Everyone who made fun of him, you know who you are! I just want you all to know that when Ben goes 40+% from downtown this year and the Sixers go 81-0 I want to remind you whose fault it was.