The Sixers Won’t Bow To China. Extradite Long Lions From The Wells Fargo Center

The Sixers demonstrated the correct way to protest another team coming onto your floor defeating the Guangzhou Long Lions 144-86.

Brett Brown’s team showed they have a basic human right to not take anyone lightly this season.

The absolutely unspeakable happened and Ben Simmons unleashed his Hong Kong Dong on all of the NBA and hit a three!

The People’s Republic of Wells Fargo Center went absolutely nuts and delivered a standing O for Benny Jumpers!

Mythisse Thybull, who I call the Fugitive Defender because of the way he extradited this ball from #44 on the Long Lions for an easy score, lived up to the hype.

I mean they even replicated the original 1997 China/Hong Kong handover.

Dimes were flowing like a stream you should call them TenCent.

In the second half Joel Embiid and the Sixers let the Long Lions know what we do to opponents who come into mainland America unannounced.

As Hong Kong’s new favorite NBA team the Sixers can show how to uncommon people can form a bond that will last a lifetime.