Richard Sherman Has An Insane Amount of Interceptions

So I was watching the 49ers kick the Browns cocks into their throats last night and Booger (I think it was Booger) said that Sherman led the league in interceptions since 2011. A very impressive feat and after looking into it he is 2nd on the active players list for most picks, only one behind Talib who entered the league in 2008. The thing that impressed me the most is Sherman has the most picks the last 8 years and didn’t have a single interception last season. Like, that’s fucking wild to me.

I knew Sherman was a dog in Seattle but 34 picks since 2011 when you basically took an entire season off is breaking my brain. Sherman is in his 30s so he is basically useless now but this interception stat is all I am going to think about for like three days now.


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