Losers mad Playoff Baseball interrupted Star Wars


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So it’s October… Which means it’s Playoff Baseball season. And Baseball is America’s Past time. The playoffs are run on a few different networks, and the NLDS is primarily on TBS.

Well on Monday the Braves Cardinals game was not over in time for the start of the Nationals Dodgers. So what were they going to do?

Just take off the extra innings game?

Not show the beginning of the Dodgers Nats game?

Uhh… No to both.

They did exactly what they are supposed to do. They did what they always do. They started the second game on their sister channel, TNT. Then moved that game to TBS when the first game concluded.

No big deal right? It is to Star Wars geeks. Apparently the original Star Wars (which was made about 117 years ago) was on TNT and got interrupted for the PLAYOFF BASEBALL GAME.

And nerds lost their minds on Twitter.

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I am honestly dumbfounded. Do people even watch movies on regular TV (with commercials) when it’s not a hungover Sunday in March when Bad Boys II is on and you can’t move and just leave it on?

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Nerds…. The movie is a zillion years old. You know you have seen it 143 times. Here’s a spoiler… Vader is Luke’s father. And if this was the first time you are watching it… Shame on you for watching it on cable.

And, I know every person who angry tweeted about TNT for basically saying Baseball > Star Wars… Owns the damn movie on DVD, bought it on their On Demand and still has it on VHS. So shut the hell up.

How about… Sit down, watch some baseball and enjoy some reality for once, with an ending you don’t already know the outcome of.

If I have upset you… Wipe your tears with your R2D2 shirt.


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