I’m Deeply Offended By the Kansas Basketball Midnight Madness Celebration

Over the weekend, Kansas’ basketball hosted their Midnight Madness introductory shindig and it was AWESOME. Like a shoe deal for an 18 year old, Kansas spared no expense. They brought in Snoop Dogg to perform, who shot off a money gun and didn’t even bother to skip any swear words in his songs. During his riveting yet explicit performance, there were background dancers windin and grindin’ up on a stripper pole.


It was easily the best Midnight Madness kick-off event since Kentucky let Drake suit up with the team like he was some Make-a-Wish kid. If you want your fan base to get excited about a team who can’t/won’t play in the postseason, Kansas just set the blueprint. Pay attention, Rutgers football.


The performance comes weeks after it was revealed the basketball program will face harsh penalties for recruiting violations, including paying recruits through sneaker companies. Money guns being shot off by a rapper at mid-court after violations like that is pretty much the college basketball version of OJ’s book , “If I Did It”.


But after the madness, Kansas let the entire sports community down…they apologized.




Kansas had the opportunity to do the basketball equivalent of raising three fingers to the Peacekeepers in the Hunger Games. As college athletics trends towards more player empowerment with the new law for players to profit off their own likeness, Kansas had the ability to capitalize on that movement.


In what could’ve been the ultimate “fuck you” move to the NCAA, the Kansas Athletic Department backed down from it. It’s hard to believe that this wasn’t a “fuck you” move and they just flat out didn’t realize what the repercussions could be for having a performance like this weeks after violations of that nature were revealed.



I feel like they’ve had to have seen Old School. They knew that a Snoop Dogg performance on campus could get out of control and there could be some streaking through the Quad.



First, Daryl Morey can’t start an international conflict, now Snoop Dogg can’t perform Drop It Like It’s Hot for college students? Where does it end people?!



I’m offended that Kansas apologized for people being offended by a somewhat offensive performance at a glorified basketball practice.

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