Eagles RB Miles Sanders Taking Shots at Head Coach Doug Pederson??


This is not clickbait, you did in fact read that title correctly. No more than 5 weeks into his rookie season and Penn State alum Miles Sanders appears to already have something to say regarding his usage.



There are two things to discuss when breaking down an event like this, the first being how incredibly out of line Sanders is. Doug Pederson is entering his 4th season as a NFL Head Coach. In that time he has won 4 playoff games, a division title, a #1 seed, a plethora of primetime games, and a DAMN SUPER BOWL. He has received countless praise from current Eagles players and former ones (see Chris Long and Nick Foles). On the flip side, Sanders is a 2nd round rookie who has simply not lived up to the hype. For him to even consider vocalizing his thoughts on his usage right now is absurd.


The second point I’d like to make here is… why? Why in the world is Sanders upset. In weeks 1 and 2, Sanders WAS used as a feature back. He played on average 35.5 snaps a game (close to 50% of snaps) and averaged just 2.52 yards per carry. He also scored 0 TDs and fumbled twice. Since then, Doug’s new strategy of using him as more of a speed/receiving back has seemingly worked tremendously. His average snap count has dropped down to 25, but his average yards per carry has skyrocketed up to 6.09. He’s also recorded 6 catches (9 targets) for 122 yards in this time period. What’s even stranger is Sanders criticized the use of the “sweep” play, if I remember correctly, Sanders’ season long run (30 yards vs Green Bay) came on a sweep/inside zone run play…


I really don’t like this from Sanders. There’s a time and place to express usage frustration, and social media is never one of them. What’s even more annoying is the fact that Sanders decided to do this following two great team wins. I could not care less about Sanders’ personal accolades, I want the team to win.


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-David Esser

~stats via pro-football-reference.com and NFL.com 

~image via si.com~

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