Guy Falls Asleep In Baler, Guy Crushed By Baler

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“The baler can crush a car engine. It can cut off your arm and crush your entire body without skipping a beat.” Darryl Philbin

I’m not here to cast any judgement though. He probably went 3-0 on his bets, the Birds took it to the Jets and covered, and when you’re at a T.G.I. Fridays in a strip mall you’re going to buy Car Bombs & rounds of shots for your friends. It’s that simple. Never be the shot & Car Bomb guy though. You might think people like the shot & Car Bomb guy, but when it’s going smooth on a Sunday and Troy comes over with four Car Bombs & Fireball shots you know Monday is going to be tough. But Troy just checked your manhood so you’re obligated to take them. Troy unfortunately Irish exits when he get’s drunk. Typically he calls the Uber and goes back to his parents place in Mt. Laurel. It just so happens he ended up in a Baler this time.

Rule 1: When you are drunk and want to sleep is find shelter. Check.

Rule 2: Find a place to sleep that provides at least a little bit of comfort. Check.

Cardboard is better then sleeping on linoleum floor or concrete, that’s just a fact. It just so happens someone used the baler before checking in it first to make sure no one is in there. When there is a T.G.I Fridays in the same strip mall as a baler it should be rule #1 in safety training to make sure no one is in said baler before you crush boxes.

This guy obviously skipped over the Michael Scott Safety Training episode of The Office.

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