The Eagles Defeat The Jets

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Yea it’s halftime, but this game is over. It’s 21-0 Eagles, the Jets have 70 yards of total offense, Adam Gase is kicking 55 yd field goals down 14 on 4th and 4, and the Eagles defense is absolutely eating!

The damn Strathhaven High School Band has more members then the Jets have total yards.

Is this what it’s like to play in the AFC East? Don’t even have the Jets come out of the locker room, just have them board the bus and head back down I-95. This is getting embarrassing! Luke Falk hasn’t had more than a half second of time before an Eagle defensive linemen is on his back. They’ve thrown it to Le’Veon Bell 30x in the flat that someone is going to win their PPR league with Bell only accruing 15 total yds. Adam Gase actually iced his own kicker while the Eagles only trotted out 10 players on that FG attempt because they wanted to make things interesting. There was once a time I was sad the Eagles hired Doug Pederson over him.

What a sad franchise! What a sad sack organization! Who even is the owner anymore? Woody Johnson? Gary Vaynerchuk? I don’t know, but it doesn’t matter sell the team. Joe Namath is rolling over in his grave made out of aluminum from a Bud Heavy tallboy. All I know is Curtis Martin didn’t have 52 concussions in his season for the Jets to trot out there and let the Eagles give them some pets behind the ears.

Maybe we can have this juiced up guido sitting front row suit up for the team.

It must really suck to root for a team that can’t wrap up a terrible NFL team by halftime.


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