I Am Mad Online At The People Who Are Mad Online At The Yankees Fans Who Chanted ‘Uber’ At The Twins Pitcher

I know it’s not smart to be mad online, but I am mad online! You have to be shitting me that people are up in arms, in 2019, with Yankees fans chanting Uber at the Twins pitcher last night. The guy literally drove Uber to make ends meet while in the minor leagues. This video was taken in the bleachers of Yankee Stadium. Those fans are know as, “The Bleacher Creatures”, and we expect them to behave with an ounce of decency? No it’s the fucking playoffs and if you can’t take a couple Uber chants don’t sign up for The Show.

Another thing are we supposed to feel sorry for Dobnak? Do you know how many people reading this probably have a second source of income? I bartend on Saturdays because a couple extra hundred dollars in my pocket feels better then picking and choosing what to do during the week until I get paid every couple of weeks – and it also helps offset my gambling debts. I have a buddy who drives Uber because he wants to buy a house, something he achieved a couple months ago and continues to drive to save up for any repairs and pay his mortgage. I grew up with a dad who worked 2-3 jobs to make ends meet and plenty of my friends had the same experiences.

We’re talking about Yankees fans! The same fans who chanted ‘Who’s Your Daddy?’ at Pedro in the playoffs?


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My dad went to the Yankees/Mets Subway Series in 2001. A foul ball came a couple rows back and my dad went to go get it. Keep in mind the guy who ended up getting the ball was a Yankee fan, but when he grabbed it his arm was between the fold down part of the seat. Other Yankees fans, with the same common goal were using the seat trapping the guys arm and yelling at him to, ‘Drop the ball!’ Over a foul ball! And we’re mad at them for chanting Uber at a guy??



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