Do The Eagles Have The Best Fan Minor League System In Pro Sports?


Does Philadelphia have the best fan feeder system in pro sports? We have a minor league system that would make the Houston Astros blush. This kid can’t be more than 8 years old and he’s already a 5 tool player out there! Pouring a bucket load of popcorn on a Jets fan just minding his own business not once, but three times is unprecedented territory! He’s putting up stats that seasoned veterans could only hope to replicate. There’s a good chance this kid’s jersey will go up in the rafters with those great fans before him. Every fan who threw a snowball at Santa, the Battery Brigade, Taser Guy, and that one guy who puked on the little girl in the 400 level of Citizens Bank Park. The Eagles murdered the Jets organization on and off the field.

I’m not surprised the fan base continuously builds this young talent as we’ve had multiple first ballot Hall Of Famers in such a short season.

The Dean

The Mayor

The Unlike Agholor Guy

Where’s this kids father? He’s probably in the jail below The Linc. Boom! Beat you to it national media.

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