What the Absolute Fuck Was That Temple vs ECU Game?


If you thought Rams vs Seahawks was the craziest game on Thursday night, you got another thing coming.

Temple and ECU just played one of the best “you had to be there but you probably weren’t” football games of all time.

Fast forward to late in the second half after Pat McAfee had already donated $10,000 to charity and ESPN had a statistician run a graphic about how many shoes were lost during the game.
Temple’s up 27-10 and things look to be wrapping up. Oh we thought.
There was a complete blackout (and not at Sup Dogs) where the lights in the stadium shut off mid-play. The 75 people left in the stadium were using their flashlights waving side to side to the tune of All of the Lights during the outage. It lasted over 15 minutes and the game was almost cancelled then and there as students performed a synchronized dance in the end zone seats.

After play resumed, It almost ended with one of the craziest miracles in gambling history. Spread was Temple (-12). ECU scores a garbage time touchdown to cut the lead to 10 for Temple. Mind you, that was after the lights went out with 3.5 minutes and the game probably should’ve been called. They get the onside kick and try a crazy lateral on the last play. FUMBLE, TEMPLE RUNS IT ALL THE WAY BACK FOR THE SCORE…but the refs claim the play is blown dead. Replay shows the whistle came after the fumble…the baddest of all bad beats. ECU covers for their mascot, Steve the Pirate, who missed the game because he was in the hospital.
After all that, after that bad beat blackout, it wasn’t even the weirdest moment of the game…BECAUSE THERE WAS A LEGIT DRUG DEAL IN THE STANDS.

Admittedly, I’m not the biggest follower of ECU football. But Captain Jack Sparrow look-a-like’s doing lines at games has the potential to match the tradition of the Iron Bowl.
Say what you want about the AAC and the Power 6 schtick, those mother fuckers produce some entertaining football.
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