We Have The Goal Of The Year In The NHL’s Third Night


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The silkiest of mitts on this Goal of the Year Finalist in the NHL on it’s third night of the season! What an absolute apple from the defensemen to free Coleman. The defender on the Jets was playing like a freaking bender in a Wednesday night hockey beer league. To be able to put the biscuit top shelf cheese like he’s Gretzky in NHL 99 is something else. He was probably chirping the opposing bench calling them all Muppets and shit on his way back to center ice. What an absolute beauty this Coleman kid is! He didn’t even dangle the goalkeeper either and completed the filthy score. Falling on his ass and not even allowing his bucket to fall off is something else. You just love to see the kids light the lamp on a filthy goal with the biscuit up in the cheese.

And that was every hockey term I could put in one paragraph.


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