I Don’t Care If This Video Of Jay Gruden Is From Ancient Babylonian Times They’re So Old – I’m Blogging It!

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Jay Gruden smoking some gas and chasing ass! God I love that in a coach! Just a guy’s guy like you, me, and every son of a bitch trying to get some pussy in a beach town on the weekend.

What do we think his pick up line was?

“Sup? What do I do? Oh, I coach the Redskins. My last names Gruden. What’s that? No, I’m Jay. My older brother is Jon.” *End Scene*

I love Jay Gruden. He plays the little brother role so well. Jon Gruden was a Super Bowl Champion, broadcaster on Monday Night Football, and just signed a $100 million deal to be coaxed out of retirement. Jay’s been a mediocre coach with a 35-48-1 lifetime record. He’ll probably be fired by Week 8. It just came out that he didn’t even want Dwayne Haskins and Dan Snyder is basically using him as his puppet. There is no chance Dan Snyder and Bruce Allen didn’t pay for this video like their TMZ D.C.

Of course they don’t have a comment they bought it off of @bubbachuck757 just like they did with Scott McCloughan when it came out he was drinking again, so they didn’t have to pay him.

How do videos like these just stay hidden for two years? Like this isn’t even that bad. These videos will be old news by the time the Redskins are 0-5 by 4pm. Who decides to release a random video at 9pm on a Friday? Bro, 9pm on a Friday is like NFL news dump time for the ages. If you’re looking to go viral you need better social media management skills. Drop this shit at 10am on Saturday or Sunday and really milk those views. Blogging 101.

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