Flyers Bold Predictions of 2019-2020

Well, that was a interesting preseason, and yes I know it was preseason but you should by luck win more then one game. I guess I should mention the game against Lausanne Hockey Club, I wont put the fault on Hart, it was probably an exciting trip and the kid is 21 years old. Let him have one bad game against an AHL skill level club in Switzerland, and then let him go two months without a bad game.

Possibly the most important part of the Swiss game is that CEO Joe knows there is professional hockey in Europe, so that’s good.

Cart Harter for Vezna Trophy– Flyers fans have been plagued with a merry-go-round of goalie names ever since The Flyers traded two Stanely Cups to Quebec/Colorado in the 90’s for Eric Lindros. Snow and Hextall may arguably be the best goalie twosome the Flyers have ever had. Enter our boy Carter Hart, drafted 48th overall in the 2016 draft, the first goalie taken in that draft. In juniors Hart was the first goalie to win the CHL Goaltender of the Year, twice. He also has arguably the best Junior career in CHL history, going 116-46-19, and recording a dumbfounding 26 shutouts. He will no doubt be the Flyers spine, and “hart” of this season. That joke will get me fired one day.

Frost, Farabee, and Myers come back with a vengeance- Frost is a stud, and injuries ruined his chances of making the team out of camp, get ready AHL goalies, you are going to be looking at the ceiling of PPL center a lot this year. If that wasn’t scary enough Joel Farabee is right next to him, so enjoy that. Its a good thing the Flyers have so many young guns ready to play, but I think we all thought Farabee was ready. With the addition of Braun and Niskanen, we thought Hagg would be on the outside looking in, but sadly it was Myers. I think it was just a hockey move because Myers is waivers exempt. Big hope here is that finally after 6 years Sam Morin is ready to be a full time NHLer.

Giroux 100 points, TK goes lights out- G only put up 85 points last year, after previously putting up 102, but the man is 30 and 85 points is a lot. Across the face-off circle from him is your favorite shit talker, Travis Konency. Tk only notched 49 points last season, and with more cheddar in his wallet, he is poised to break the 30 goal mark, bold claim.

Flyer make the playoffs- If you are watching the behind the scenes series about Flyers camp you know one thing. Coach V wants the Cup. He’s been within grasps twice, and came up short. The Flyers have the talent, they have the right mix of young and old. They have the three most important things:

Number One Center(s)- Giroux, Coots, and yes even Hayes.

Number One Defensemen- Provy, and Ghost.

Finally, a number One Goalie- Carter Hart

Its time to do that hockey thing, put me in a horrible position and play the Avalanche for the 2020 Stanley Cup.

-Intern Mitch

Featured Image- Broad Street Buzz

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