We Have A Meme-Off Between Nickelback and The President of the United States

This is exactly why you get into the blogging game, to type headlines like that! Like herpes and Betty White, Nickelback won’t die. They haven’t had a hit in 10+ years, but that doesn’t mean the POTUS can’t deliver a hot in the streets meme to stifle the impeachment talk swirling around him at the moment.


Well that tweet was reported by Warner Music for copyright infringement. Here’s the original below. Interpret away, but I want to talk big picture implications.

Screen Shot 2019-10-03 at 3.37.10 PM.png

You don’t just report tweets on the POTUS’s watch when he’s cranky without retribution!

Pray for Nickelback. Pray for Warner Music. Pray for Twitter. Trump is about to go on a TIRADE for the ages. Copyright infringement laws might be executive ordered deemed unlawful by 11pm. You think the World Wide Web is the Wild West now? Just wait until you can start using the Disney logo on sex toys. We need a type of Purge-like scenario where copyright infringement laws are null and void for the day. Juul logos on children’s dolls, BangBros can photoshop their logo on the Miami Heat arena, or Planned Parenthood logos on egg cartons in grocery store refrigerators. I need this.

What’s Nickelback’s comment on all this hoopla?


That’s Rock N Roll baby!



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