Kyle Van Noy Responds To Mike Florio Responding To Kyle Van Noy Saying He Doesn’t Want To Be Compared To Rodney Harrison


Kyle Van Noy doesn’t like people trying to run on him, but he sure does love running his mouth. I love KVN and I like when he talks shit because he’s real and he can back it up. If you play like Kyle Van Noy you’ve got Patriots fans on your side for life.

Which is why this whole thing is so confusing. When doing his appearance on The Sports Hub’s Zo and Bertrand, he was compared to Rodney Harrison, who had a few rings of his own. You’d think such a comparison would be flattering since Harrison 37 jerseys still sell in the Patriots Proshop. Kyle Van Noy has been called an asshole more times than he has been called a dirty player, so maybe that’s what he’s riled up about. Either that or he’s not getting much sleep with that newborn baby.

Safe to say ProFootballTalk’s Mike Florio was none too pleased about KVN’s comments about Rodney. Written like every tweet I send criticizing Patrick Mahomes, except Van Noy was definitely going to see it.

I hate to stick up for any Boston radio station but they definitely weren’t trying to be offensive and they also definitely weren’t talking about Kyle Van Noy compared to Rodney Harrison personally–it was about their role on the team. KVN still audibly hated the comparison, and specifically because it was Rodney. But Florio jumped in and got the brunt of it.

Never really worth it to get in a Twitter fight with an NFL player. Even if they don’t have the best comeback you always get owned against a 2x Super Bowl champion millionaire.

Retweeted by Kyle Van Noy:

He tried to come back and justify his shade towards Rodney but I’m not buying it. Probably got this PR advice from Pardon My Take.

If he’s going to go on air and declare he does not want to be compared to Rodney, he’s got to lean into it and explain. I’d respect it more if he just said people thought Rodney was a dirty player and I don’t want to be compared to that but to say that it’s because he was a safety is absolute buffoonery.

It’s all good Florio–add another chip on Kyle Van Noy’s shoulder. He could have done this on purpose for motivation for this years Super Bowl run. About to win ring #7 just because Kyle Van Noy wants to say he has more rings than Rodney Harrison. We will have no choice but to stan.


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