Kevin Hayes and I Figured Out Our Relationship Problems.

If you are one of the five people who reads my stuff, which doesn’t include my brother; you know I was not the biggest fan of Kevin Hayes when he came here. With a strong preseason, and him being one of the standouts from the Swiss game I refuse to talk about. Kevin Hayes and I are good, and if he sees this I will buy him a beer.

With Nolan Patrick being diagnosed with Migraine Disorder, Broad Street Hockey’s Bill Matz made an excellent point. The Kevin Hayes signing was a genius move by Chuckie Fletch. If you don’t sign Kevin Hayes, and you just have Coots and Nolan Patrick as your two centers, the Flyers would be in a bad spot right now.

Before you say it, yes I know that Giroux can play center. Yes, I know that TK played center in Juniors. Those two have proven to be effective wingers, and TK is about to have a damn good year.

With Nolan Patrick going down, I know understand why the Flyers may have over paid for Kevin Hayes. As it stands right now Hayes is the Flyers #1 between G and JV, and we have seen in the preseason those two mesh well together. Looking forward to the game tomorrow at 2pm, lets go Flyers.

-Intern Mitch

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