Branded Kyle Shouldn’t be so Worried About The Patriots Kickers


If you missed this blog it’s okay there really wasn’t much worth seeing, I just find it weird my pal Kyle wrote this blog about the Patriots search for a new kicker.

Click here for Kyles blog.

Honestly I’m not sure where Kyle is from but my guess is Philly because these fucking guys just keep popping up here at Branded. One leaves and two more pop up in their place, honestly it’s exhausting to keep track of all the random people Joe has writing on the site. For a Philly fan to quote Lou Holtz talking down on trick plays is laugh out loud funny. Lou Holtz is a billion years old so I already don’t care what he thinks about modern play calling, he also is 3-10 as an NFL head coach. Probably not the best guy to ask about winning. I mean I could get you 4 wins minimum so Lou fucking stinks.

Ignore Lou and ignore that Kyle got a quote from a dinosaur who can’t coach pee wee. It’s weird that a guy from Philly doesn’t like trick plays when the most famous play in his franchise history is a fucking trick play. One of the most memorable plays in the last few decades was done by his favorite team. (Philly special for those of you that are slow).

I would say if you can’t develop effective trick plays you are going to be an unsuccessful team.

Also, we’re talking about a kicker. Kyle maybe worry about your 2-2 record and not who the Patriots are having try out to kick 30 yarders.

Of course Kyle had to throw some shots at the Patriots for allegedly cheating in the past, I won’t do that because I’m far more professional than he is. I would never mention how Philly fans throw batteries when they get upset or anything like that. If Kyle wants help getting those page views up he can just text me he doesn’t need to write cheap blogs about who the Patriots try out for their replacement kicker.


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