Julian Edelman Once Saw Bill Belichick’s D In A Steamy Hot Tub Session


Julian Edelman has been kind of quiet on the football field so far this season. He’s been suffering from a ‘chest’ injury which sounds like a combination of bruised ribs and general ouchies.

He’s got to keep that beautiful face in the news somehow, so on a Wednesday night at 7pm he decides to drop this unreleased clip from his Showtime documentary 100% Julian Edelman (actually good) telling a story so good about Bill Belichick you have to watch him tell it.

I had heard the story about Belichick talking about being better than a plumber and about him on the treadmill at 11pm from one of the very many Patriots documentaries over the past 20 years. But Edelman came in and dropped the hammer–literally–with this one.

“I saw that he saw that I was in there, and then he got up and got out,” Edelman says, “And, real good party foul by coach. I mean, we’re supposed to have shorts on.” -TMZ

Jules was in the Patriots facility late at night heading in for a quick hot tub sesh post workout. The kind of stuff that unfortunately (for me) puts Wes Welker out of a job. When you’re at the facility late at night it’s so you can be alone. Except when he walked into the hot tub room, there sat Bill Belichick, probably with a yellow notepad and a stack of no. 2 pencils sketching double pass plays for the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl.

Jules is right. Awkward as fuck walking into that room as a 3rd year 7th round draft pick trying to chill out in the hot tub at 11pm. Not like he can just pretend he was in there looking for his playbook and walk out. He was probably shirtless (took a second to imagine it) strolling in with some adidas sandals and an iPod. All of a sudden you turn the corner and Bill’s just sitting in there in a cutoff hoodie.

Except that’s all he was wearing.

“So, I sit in the hot tub, I’m already extremely uncomfortable, I don’t know what to think. I didn’t know that people went into hot tubs without swim trunks at a public facility. I accepted it … it’s coach.”

What a fucking move by Bill. Some may see an abrasive unprofessional asshole who stares down female reporters and walks by 8 year olds asking for high fives. Some of us lucky enough see the most powerful leaders in human history. And even luckier ones see his dick. Gotta be pretty awesome to always have that on him. At Super Bowl after parties and parades can’t ever get in trouble for getting too drunk.

Belichick just stood up buck naked and walked out so a special teams punt returner could use the tub. There’s game tape to study. Left Edelman in a completely different universe wondering his next move. I have no idea how this story was hidden for 10 years.


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