Clutch Gaming Off to a Shaky Start at Worlds (LoL)

If you are living under a rock even you would know that LoL World Play Ins started today, sadly I have a job and couldn’t watch them. I was lucky enough to watch some of Clutch Gamings first game while I was getting ready for work, kind of wish I hadn’t. Before I get into it for anyone who is reading this and thinking you’re going to get some in depth detail and strategy you have come to the wrong place. I am just going to keep short and sweet. I write how I talk and I talk like some asshole at a bar watching a football game, I’m going to be following the North American teams pretty much exclusively until we get deeper into the tournament or if some crazy shit happens. I don’t usually give this big ass explanation but I have found that esport fans tend to expect more professionalism than I am going to give, if you’re looking for that you have the wrong guy.

Now that all of that is out of the way lets talk worlds.

First of all this first “covering” worlds, I didn’t do anything with it last year other than watch so I’m pretty excited to be able to write and interact with the community more. Like I said in my rambling above I only got to watch some of CLutchs first game vs UoL and they were getting smashed. It was a tough watch, the casters didn’t help. You know the point where there isn’t much to say because one team is just systematically destroying the other, that’s what I saw but the chemistry wasn’t there to really make it work.

I do find it funny how it worked out for the day, though. UoL crushes Clutch, Mammoth beats UoL (I didn’t get a chance to see this game but I heard it wasn’t all that close) and then Clutch handles Mammoth. Going 1-1 is fine, especially when only Splyce went 2-0 but it isn’t good enough. CG plays Unicorns of Love again on Friday and I need a stomp, Lira needs to lock in Skarner and stop bullshitting with Ekko. UoL isn’t fucking around and you can’t be either, CG have worked their balls off getting to where they are now and to just throw it away because of under performance in play ins is NOT acceptable. Force them to ban your comfort picks, if they don’t abuse them.

I want to see 3 NA teams in groups and that means Clutch can’t be pussyfooting around now.

Link to todays games.


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