Hill I’ll Die On: Stranger Things Should Stop Now

Yesterday the great folks over at Stranger Things dropped the first teaser for season 4. Tagline Being were not in Hawkins anymore.

Obviously there are going to be spoilers but if you haven’t seen it yet you have no right getting upset.

Like most people that have dove into Stranger Things, I’m a fan. Not a super fan or anything like that. I don’t own any Stranger Things gear or what not but I’ve enjoyed the show so far.

Season 1 was awesome and could have been a stand-alone mini series by itself. Season 2, ehhhh whatever. But season 3 delivered again. Perfect amount of horror storyline, love story and comic relief. Bill’s was the perfect villain for the show. He was likable and feared all at the same time.

But the greatest thing the show did was kill off Hopper. No not because I didn’t like Hopper, I fucking love that dude. Easily one of my favorite characters in tv. It was perfect because it made sure Stranger Things didn’t suffer the biggest fatal flaw of storytelling. That is a perfect, white picket fence ending.

It’s insufferable when a show continually has the hero beat impossible odds over and over again. That scene from Game Of Thrones when Jon Snow is surrounded, and I mean fucking everywhere, by all the dead the night king just brought back to life. Instead of them running and attacking Snow they all of a sudden turn into the Walking Dead zombies. They just gobble over one by one to get their heads cut off. Bothered me and still does to this day. Either don’t put him in that situation or let him die. Next scene he’s fine, just casually killed a billion zombies that had him dead to rights. Lazy writing.

Stranger Things didn’t do that. They killed off the most lovable guy (except for Alexi but they killed that dude too) in dramatic fashion. Hopper was able to die as a hero. Saving the people he loved, the town, and maybe the world. And then there was the letter scene.

Holy shit balls man. Listen I have a little girl who was sleeping when I saw this. Rule #1 when it comes to babies is you don’t wake them up. Unless there is a fire, you let those this shit machines sleep as long as they want. It took everything i had not to wake her up after seeing that scene. It was the perfect goodbye.

So now that the teaser has dropped I’m trying to be optimistic that season 4 will hold up but not feeling great. They are most likely going to bring Hopper back to life somehow and that’s going to be corny and annoying. Eleven and Mike are going to get back together and the whole fairytale ending to going to happen. Just let season 3 be the end. I understand there is big Netflix dollars at play so as long as they can make a buck they will but they should let it be finished. It was a great story with a perfect closing chapter. We’re just going to have Game Of Thrones all over again.

The only way they will make season 4 really be worth it is if they bring back Barb. Make her the villain. She’s spent 3+ years in the upside down and now that bitch wants revenge. You do that, I’m all in.

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