Woman Divorces Her Husband For Their Wedding DJ

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Fox News:Megan Willis, 26, first met Mark Stone, 49, through her sister in November 2015, while planning her wedding to her now ex-husband, the Daily Mirror reports. Willis later booked Stone to serve as the DJ at her July 2016 nuptials, and knew he’d be a perfect hire given his experience playing at The Crazy Tuna Bar & Grill in Maryland, near Willis’ hometown of Baltimore

“Every time I came home to visit we would go to the Crazy Tuna and most of the time Mark was there. He was such a people person, so much fun and we loved to goof off with him.”

Yikes. Imagine your wife leaving you for a DJ from a place called the Crazy Tuna. That would be like your wife leaving you for a DJ from a place called the Crazy Tuna. Add in the disrespect that this is the same guy that hit play on your first song. Which by judging this couple I assume was Lonestar – Amazed and then broke into Buckcherry’s – Crazy Bitch while her bride’s maids shot gunned some Busch.

Full disclosure, I’ve been to the Crazy Tuna and the place is designed to sweep white trash ladies off their feet. Like that party island from ‘Couples Retreat’ but instead of attractive singles, it’s all guys and girls with chest tattoos. Why was I there you ask? It was right next to the hotel I was staying at that night. My hands were tied.

First and foremost, these two were banging the entire time. The story goes on to quote her as saying over the course of a year her marriage fell apart and yada yada. No shot. Megan was fucking DJ Crazy Tuna from the jump. I imagine the first time he dropped Timber on on hat crowd it was nothing but flooded basements. They locked eyes right after he sampled some SoundCloud remix of Dixie Chicks and the rest was just destiny.

Second thing here, if you read the entire article they try to spin this as if the story is about their age gap. Don’t bury the lead here Fox News. Not a soul cares that DJ diddle fingers is 23 years older than this blushing bride. The story is the man behind the music of wedding went on to bang the bride. Most likely the wedding night as well. The DJ/band during a wedding are the most important part. They set the mood for the entire evening and are ultimately the make or break of a successful reception. The food could be an absolute disaster but if the crowd is up and dancing, the night is a win.

He was basically the most important person at the wedding, apart from the bride and groom….well at least bride in this case. The only other thing I could think to compare this to would be if you hired a builder to construct you your dream house. You sit down months in advance with the guy, go over everything you want in the house. Cover the smallest details, all the way down to the closet door knobs. Then the deadline date comes for you to move in to your perfect dream home. You load the truck up, drive over, pull into the driveway and what do you see? This son of a bitch just moved in himself. He liked it so much he said, “I’m not leaving.” Oh and to top it off, he banged your wife.

That my friends, is what I call a Crazy Tun-of events.


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