The NCAA Is Dead!

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California has killed the NCAA! Mark Emmert you opossum looking rat fuck! Live look at California burying the NCAA once and for all!

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What a flex by the Governor of California, Gavin Newsom. If broad daylight murder wasn’t enough, he went on HBO’s ‘The Shop’ and signed it right in Mark Emmert’s face!


If you haven’t been paying attention to the exciting world of NCAA litigation you might’ve missed this ruling. The Fair Pay to Play Act lets players make money off of their likeness through endorsement deals. So if the next Zion or LeBron want to play for UCLA, Nike can offer them shoe deals. If Mattel wants to offer them action figure deals with a Zion Williamson rocket propelled leg feature (batteries not included) or a Reggie Bush doll that comes with a suitcase of money accessory in it’s right hand, that’s all legal now.

Athletes can now also sign agents. Something that’s never occurred before the passing of this law (wink wink).

As always the best players in college abide by the mantra student-athletes. Because when a 5 star recruit needs the equipment manager on his high school team to take the SATs for him, his first thought is the wonderful degree he’ll be getting after his one and done year.

As the face of the Fair Pay To Play Act once uttered:


The best part is the NCAA’s holier-than-thou attitude towards the bill. Pepperdine’s AD had an absurd quote:

“I think that would be enough of a disadvantage to wipe out any advantage that we might take,” said Pepperdine athletic director Steve Potts. “I just don’t want to put our student athletes in a position where they’re not allowed to compete at the highest level.”

Hey Stevie Potts, bro, you are the AD of Pepperdine. Pepperdine does not matter, nor will ever matter in real D-1 sports. You have the most beautiful campus in the nation, but no one wants to go to a school where you’re discouraged to drink beer and aren’t allowed to  bring the opposite sex into your dorm past a certain time. Your athletes never have to worry about competing at the highest level. But lucky for them, with this new law they can corner the chastity belt endorsement market until Utah signs the same bill and BYU takes your coveted spot.

Honestly, this law should’ve been signed the day Johnny Manziel won the Heisman and was forced to come back to school. Johnny Football was the biggest star in the NCAA and made over $50 million for A&M and saw nothing. #2 jerseys were everywhere, Nike, Adidas, everyone would have been knocking down his door. Instead, he made $7 million in career earnings and is now on billboards and commercials for cut rate car insurance.


So, What’s next?

There will be a lot of lawyers. The NCAA is expected to propose an antitrust lawsuit against California and it will probably go all the way up to the Supreme Court. Don’t fuck this one up RBG.

New York, Colorado, and South Carolina have all brought bills to the table or will over the next couple of months.

The NCAA probably will ban California schools from the College Football Playoff and March Madness because they have an unfair recruiting advantage. Imagine UCLA or USC being the outright #1 in football and basketball around playoff time and the NCAA not allowing them to compete. There will be an asterisk on every National Champion that year.

This really might be the end for the NCAA with the one and done rule being abolished and now the Fair Pay To Play Act being signed. When you can make millions of dollars on yourself in the NBA or build a brand in high school and then monetize that while in college on a national level you take it.

All in all the NCAA will probably cave to the Supreme Court ruling if it is in fact in favor of the FPTP Act. This is going to upend the NCAA and the for-profit business will actually now have to act like a for-profit business by paying it’s employees.

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